We were instructed by to undertake a full PAS128 Type B Utility Survey at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge. The Grafton is one of the main shopping centres in Cambridge and attracts a large number of public visitors every day. The survey area encompasses pedestrianised areas, walkways, public footpaths and car parks which can be heavily populated by the public at any given time. Safe working practices within busy public areas have to be strictly adhered to. Our experienced survey teams conduct themselves in a very professional manner to make sure all surveys such as this are completed safely.

The Survey:

Due to the complexity of the standard, our experienced surveyors are able to undertake PAS128 surveys to all levels.

Full PAS128 Type B Utility Survey specifies two geophysical techniques to use in the location of underground utilities.

1. EML – Electromagnetic locating equipment is used on site by detecting electromagnetic signals. These are
detected by undertaking passive sweeps, induction, or direct connection onto the service with a transmitter. The surveyor then detects these signals above ground with an EML receiver.

2. GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar is also used to compliment the EML results. A full GPR orthogonal grid is also undertaken to obtain full site coverage. All survey results are then recorded digitally using a combination of topographic and GPS survey equipment.

The above survey methods are used for all PAS128 type utility surveys along with the reference and cross checking of Desktop Utility records.

The Results:

The above information is then collated and digitised onto an existing topographic survey in AutoCAD format by our dedicated, in-house CAD department. The final report also highlights the relevant quality levels in accordance with the PAS128 standard.

Specialised Surveys

Relying on outdated and innacurate survey records can lead to damage to infrastructure, expensive repair costs and projects not being finished on time.

We completely understand how frustrating this can be which is why our team of highly skilled and qualified surveyors use the very latest technology and equipment to ensure all surveys are accurate and reliable.

Our team of experts are trained to carry out all types of specialised surveys including Utility Surveys, CCTV Surveys, GPR Surveys and drainage surveys.