CCTV Surveys

Our CCTV systems include tractor mounted 'mainline' units with full 360 degree pan and tilt facilities, enabling us to inspect lateral connections from the main carrier pipe. Where vehicular access is not possible - for example within rear gardens, buildings and sites with difficult topography Amethyst Surveys utilise portable CCTV inspection systems.

Colour images are assessed by qualified staff holding OS19X and OS20X certification to identify structural defects as well as blockages which can affect the hydraulic performance of the sewer. We produce high quality digital video together with coded reports detailing both structural and service condition to national and the latest European standards in accordance with the 'Manual of Sewer Classification' (mscc3 or 4) specifications.

Supplied in a concise, clear format and graded in accordance with WRC specifications, presentations typically consist of; coded report with photo capture of significant defects, 'video' in MPEG or AVI format, supporting drawings, and a unique digital presentation that links reports, digital images, video and drawings electronically.

In addition to providing a condition report we provide recommendations for repairs and rehabilitation using where possible non-intrusive trenchless techniques.

  • Surveys from 100mm pipes to 1800mm diameter trunk sewers and culverts
  • Mainline colour pan and tilt cameras and portable equipment for remote locations
  • Systems for hazardous environments
  • Immediate results, validated graded reports with digital videos in AVI or MPEG format
  • Pre / post development CCTV surveys