Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

To augment the survey capabilities of electromagnetic detection equipment we utilise ground penetrating radar which enables the detection and mapping of non-metallic services such as uPVC gas and water pipes as well as asbestos cement supply pipes and other non-ferrous utilities, additionally the use of GPR equipment also allows in many circumstances our surveyors to identify the physical extents of manholes and chambers, locate buried tanks, basements and voids. 

Amethyst has invested in the latest IDS and Mala GPR instrumentation, enabling us to detect both shallow and deep targets with a single scan, thereby reducing survey time and associated costs.

Our GPR systems operate at 250 MHz and 700 MHz, displaying both channels simultaneously to increase detection performance and reduce the possibility of data error. Real time displays allow us to mark the location of buried targets directly on site as the survey progresses, whilst data capture and onboard storage allow us to incorporate surveys results into our report presentations.

Compact and lightweight in design our units are highly manoeuvrable on site allowing us to access small areas with limited access.

  • Locate non-metallic water, gas and other services
  • Identify the 'footprint' positions and extents of manholes and other service related chambers
  • Mitigates the requirement to enter confined spaces to obtain chamber dimensions
  • Immediate results available on siteScan for shallow and deep services in a single pass, reducing survey time and costs