Utility Record Searches

One of the leading utility detection and surveying providers in the UK, Amethyst Surveys retain links and contacts throughout the utility supply and infrastructure industry, consequently we  can quickly identify those statutory undertakers and other entities which may have buried services and therefore an interest in any specific locality.

For those clients that do not have a project requirement that necessitates the deployment of our utility mapping capability but need to source record information relating to the presence of existing underground pipes, cables and other buried infrastructure we offer a standalone competitive 'fixed fee' utility record search service.

Our dedicated support staff make all necessary contact and arrangements to obtain available record information, following up on the delivery process as necessary to ensure that information is supplied in line with the timeframes provided to the client. Amethyst Surveys will:

  • Identify all affected utility providers
  • Make all necessary applications
  • Provide you  with copies of all applications and correspondence
  • Follow up and if necessary chase providers for their returns
  • Keep you informed on application and return progress
  • Collate all returns into a single presentation
  • Offer a competitive 'fixed fee' service