Support Services

Recognising that our survey involvement is sometimes part of a larger project that may include topographical surveys, GIS mapping, intrusive site investigations, leakage and contamination analysis, we provide through our network of carefully selected accredited sub-contractors, a range of affiliated services. Providing a comprehensive utility mapping and site investigation package consisting of various disciplines allows our clients to retain a single point of contact as well as reducing the time and resources required to assemble and disseminate information to other specialists. Amethyst can provide the following:

  • Topographical and land surveys to RICS standards including 3d Laser scanning
  • Water and soil sampling, together with analysis through accredited laboratories
  • Leakage detection and supply network studies
  • Flow and rainfall monitoring
  • Sonar surveys
  • Walkthrough inspections including the provision of site specific safety staff and equipment
  • Root cutting, descaling and heavy cleaning
  • Jet vac / vactor and large volume re-cycling units