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Knowing exactly what is beneath you is imperative to the successful completion and smooth running of any construction project. Without having a clear picture, you run the real risk of costly mistakes and delays to your project, which can be extremely frustrating. This is why, at Amethyst Surveys, to complement our electromagnetic locators, we also utilise the latest GPR Surveys (Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Survey Systems) to detect non metallic services. This includes polyethylene (PE) gas pipes, water pipes, asbestos cement pipes and Fibre Optic cables. We can also identify manhole chamber extents and the location of buried utility survey tanks, basements extents and voids.

Our experienced surveyors utilise the latest IDS and Mala GPR Surveys instrumentation, which enables us to detect both shallow and deep targets with a single scan. This significantly reduces the time it takes to survey a site and the associated costs that come with it. After completing the GPR Surveys, we process all of the captured data into reports that are in line with PAS 128.

This will give you the knowledge and confidence to complete your project on time and on budget. Contact Amethyst Surveys today to schedule your GPR Utility Survey service.

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Our Utility Mapping Services – PAS 128

We undertake projects ranging from locating single utilities for connection or maintenance purposes, borehole clearance surveys, production of virtual trial holes through to network and utility asset mapping for industry and construction schemes.

Using Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar equipment with record information, direct visual inspection and data collection via GPS or Total Station, we can undertake utility mapping surveys to any level of PAS 128 requested.

Identification of routes, types and depths of underground utility services

Allows for the identification of potential conflicts enabling effective planning

Allows for more competitive tenders and reduces the potential for contract delays

Reduces the costs associated with the digging of speculative trial holes

Mitigates the potential for cable strikes and damage to third-party services

Complies with HSE (HSG47) requirements and CDM guidelines

Our underground survey presentation includes subsurface utility mark out and digital AutoCAD files in 2D & 3D

Undertaken to TSA guidelines and PAS 128


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At Amethyst Surveys, we have extensive experience in providing professional GPR Survey services in the UK and Europe, having worked with a wide range of clients, including architects, developers, and local authorities.

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Our highly skilled, qualified GPR Utility Surveyors use the latest technology and equipment for accurate and reliable survey results. Our staff are DBS verified and certifications include NVQ’s in Utility Surveying, GPR training plus SPA, CSCS.

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Our team are fully committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and go the extra mile to provide our clients with all the information they require for their projects. We also offer a free, no-obligation quote for all GPR Utility Survey projects.


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