Utility Surveys

Knowing the location, routes and depths of existing pipes, cables and other buried infrastructure is a principal requirement for those engaged in feasibility studies, design, construction and asset maintenance. An experienced utility detection and mapping specialist we remove the uncertainty associated with the reliance on old, incomplete, missing, ambiguous or unavailable record information, by locating buried services to a high degree of accuracy. An established survey contractor specialising in tracing and identifying buried utilities; we look to improve our services through investment in systems and instrumentation that assist us in providing a better service to our clients. Our current equipment range includes electromagnetic detection systems such as Radiodetection's web enabled RD4000 series of locators, which allows us to configure our instruments for optimum performance to meet site specific conditions and the latest IDS dual frequency ground penetrating radar technology. We undertake projects ranging from locating single utilities for connection or maintenance purposes, borehole clearance surveys, production of virtual trial holes through to network and utility asset mapping for industry and construction schemes, providing the following benefits.

  • Identification of routes, types and depths of buried services
  • Allows for the identification of potential conflicts enabling effective planning
  • Allows for more competitive tenders and reduces the potential for contract delays
  • Reduces the costs associated with the digging of speculative trial holes
  • Mitigates the potential for cable strikes and damage to third party services
  • Complies with HSE (HSG47) requirements and CDM guidelines
  • Presentation includes: subsurface utility mark out and digital AutoCAD files