Introduction: The Nursemaids Tunnel is a Grade II listed building. It was built around 1821 and is one of the oldest surviving pedestrian subways in London. It links the two Crown Estate private gardens of Park Square and Park Crescent.
The Survey:

We were instructed to undertake a full Utility and CCTV Condition Survey of the site to enable restoration and maintenance work.

The Results:

Although the utility survey was a very simple task, the drainage was a lot more technical and difficult to map. Our experienced survey team were able to establish via the CCTV camera footage, that the drainage outfall from the tunnel discharges into the London Underground system which runs directly below.

Specialised Surveys

Relying on outdated and innacurate survey records can lead to damage to infrastructure, expensive repair costs and projects not being finished on time.

We completely understand how frustrating this can be which is why our team of highly skilled and qualified surveyors use the very latest technology and equipment to ensure all surveys are accurate and reliable.

Our team of experts are trained to carry out all types of specialised surveys including Utility Surveys, CCTV Surveys, GPR Surveys and drainage surveys.

Specialised Surveys