UKFSL Amethyst Surveys Testimonial
Our engineer who met the team on site was so impressed and full of positive feedback, they guys were very thorough. I want to thank you for your help with this and will be passing the company’s details to other sites who may wish to use your service in the future.
- Danica Gorman
Client: Danica Gorman
Company: UK Facilities Solutions Ltd
Location: Crown Wharf
Specialised Surveys
Relying on outdated and innacurate survey records can lead to damage to infrastructure, expensive repair costs and projects not being finished on time.

We completely understand how frustrating this can be which is why our team of highly skilled and qualified surveyors use the very latest technology and equipment to ensure all surveys are accurate and reliable.

Our team of experts are trained to carry out all types of specialised surveys including Utility Surveys, CCTV Surveys, GPR Surveys and drainage surveys.